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Eden Investment Management (Eden) is a Singapore investment management company managing a private family office fund with a focus on investing in companies which, though their practices, products or services, create a positive social and/or environmental impact.


Our Investment Portfolio


The Asia Biogas team is committed to making an outsized contribution to tackling climate change by designing the best biogas systems and maximising biogas production from agricultural and organic waste.

Noice Care

NOICE's mission is to put common sense back into everyday personal care products.

NOICE reinvents the experience, the packaging, and the distribution of traditional toothpaste with the first organic & zero waste gel toothpaste subscription in the world.

Zero Hassle, Zero Waste, Organic toothpaste.


Eden Foundation

Coming Soon...

The Eden Foundation will work to help enable people to drive future sustainability-focused benefit for the world we all share.

The foundation will provide financial support to people and projects, not only in Singapore but globally, where their goals are aligned with those of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The Eden Foundation expects to be online and accepting applications for grants Q1 2021.


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